Welcome to Cleveland Crop Sprayers, a UK based specialist in Agricultural Sprayers, Amenity Sprayers, Used Equipment, Spare Parts, Turf Care and more. We deal nationally and internationally and have the most competitive prices in the market.

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National Support

Cleveland Crop Sprayers are the premier sprayer specialist in the UK. We operate from two locations, Duns Berwickshire, and Banbury Oxfordshire. This give us the ability to offer a 100% backup service across the UK. We are specialist in self propelled sprayers, trailed sprayers and tractor mounted sprayers by Bargam.

Our specially trained engineers have a fantastic record for their repair work and client service and are real experts in the field. If you need our repair services we will endeavour to have someone with you in as quick a time as possible to get the problem sorted and get your machine running again.

See our Support section for more information on what we can offer, or give us a ring on 01361 883418 or drop an email to info@bargam.co.uk for more information on this service.

Mist Blowers for Forrestry & Fruit

We offer the largest range of mist blower type sprayers on the market. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will give you a competetive quote.

Nationwide Sprayer Testing


Our Customers Say: “Cleveland Crop Sprayers have worked very closely with us to customise two sprayers for our specific requirements and they fit the bill perfectly”