Compact Trailed Sprayer

The latest Bargam trailed sprayer to feature is the all new Compact series. This is a sophisticated machine designed with strength in mind for the large scale farmer. The Compact is available with tank sizes at 3200lt, 4200lt, 5200lt & 6200lt. This machine can feature a heavy duty steering axle which is commanded from the sprayer rate controller, or a mechanical tracker on the lift arms. 

The rate controller is a Mueller or ARAG system, it is controlling every element of the sprayer. The steering is operated by the Mueller Gyroscope system (or ARAG potentiometer). An extremely reliable system which requires no mechanical steering linkage between the tractor and the sprayer. The box already has the GPS system integrated for guidance and automatic boom section control. It can be activated at anytime by entering the code which is available from Cleveland Crop Sprayers. The Mueller rate controllers can also be integrated to existing farm RTK systems and can be used for automatic steering to the tractor. Boom sizes are available from 20m through to 48m. The new booms on the compact machine are strong and offer an unrivalled in field ride system.

The Compact BDL range from Bargam is a large capacity trailed with all the strength and sophistication expected from a ‘flagship’ model. The Compact can be bought with a simple spec in order to achieve large capacity with a smaller cost, or it can be specified to coincide with large scale farming systems that require a high specification. There are 4 controller options for this machine. If you are using it with a fixed drawbar or machanical tracking drawbar, you have the choice of either the ARAG Bravo 180, 300RCU, or the 400RCU with built in GPS.

All the latest ARAG computers have sealed water tight connectors and are pre wired from ARAG making them very reliable. If you are using a steering axle model, then you can have the GPS based controllers from Muller Electronic. All the wiring and electronics for the machine are made by world renowned German manufacturer Muller Electronic. Their systems incorporate sealed wiring with high quality water tight plugs and connectors.

Standard Specification

  • 3200ltr / 4200lt / 5200lt / 6200lt Total Emptying Tank
  • Heavy Duty Painted Chassis & Frame
  • HD Boom
  • Fixed Drawbar
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Steel Gullwing Boom
  • Hydraulic boom tilt
  • Mud Guards
  • Full Rinse System
  • End Jet Protection
  • Boom Protection Springs
  • Parrallelogram Height Adjustment
  • Tri Jets
  • Stainless Steel Lines
  • Line Filters
  • Road Lighting Kit
  • 420 R38 Wheels
  • 7 electric boom sections *(CE requirement)
  • Electro hydraulics for boom controls (only one spool valve for complete machine)
  • Bravo 180s automatic rate control
  • Airo Boom Suspension

Optional Extras

  • 4200lt tank 
  • 5200lt tank (includes axle suspension) – do not add below 
  • 6200lt tank (includes axle suspension) – do not add below 
  • Computer steering drawbar (max boom size 28m) 
  • Computer steering axle 
  • Axle Suspension 
  • Air brakes 
  • Wrap around panel covers 
  • Arag Bravo 400s Rate Controller GPS Section Control 
  • Arag Bravo 400s Rate Controller GPS Seletron (single) 
  • Arag Bravo 400s Rate Controller GPS Seletron (twin) 
  • 9 boom sections (on Bravo 400s only) 
  • 11 boom sections (on Bravo 400s only) 
  • 13 boom sections (on Bravo 400s only) 
  • Electronic Tank Level Sensor 
  • Foam Marker 
  • Line Purge Boom Recirculation System 
  • NSTS Test 
  • Auto boom height control (tilt and main lift) 
  • Auto boom height control (VG tilt and main lift) 
  • Variable Boom Geometry 
  • Pneumatic Nozzle Control